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Too often we seek our own personal kingdoms first, instead of placing God’s kingdom, His purpose, His plan at the forefront of our lives. #abr // “But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.”

Anyone else have a hard time tossing old calendars/agendas? I do! Glancing back through a year of appointments, meetings, celebrations, farewells…a rollercoaster of emotions. These little squares hold more than ink on a page…they are filled with our life moments! Thankful for the great times celebrated…and those happily forgotten. :) *abr* #calendargirl #2014prep #reigningreed

Lord, I pray for our innocent children embarking upon another year of learning, growth and development at schools around the world. Keep their words kind, their actions innocent, their minds open, and their hearts clothed in Your love. Anoint their hands and feet so that as they travel along the hallways, Your light shines through them for all to see! Lord, reign over the administrators and educators who touch the precious lives of these children every day. May they cover their students daily in prayer. Let their words and actions encourage, uplift, and inspire these young minds to change the world! #praying for #peace #love #grace #protection #covering

Folks, simply put, just DO GOOD! Many search high and low for opportunities to make a difference on a grand scale…but to the right person, your simple, kind gesture could last a lifetime! Hold that door just a little bit longer, go that extra mile for someone in need, allow someone to jump ahead at the grocery store…the list goes on and on. We are all connected by the grace of brotherly/sisterly love. Let’s take the time to nurture that bond. Love y’all! Have many blessed days ahead! #love *abr for rr* #ReedReflection

We’ve all heard this phrase many times, “To love so much it hurts.” But when I heard it yesterday, my thoughts went immediately towards our Father’s love for us. My thoughts went back to the physical pain He endured because of His unfailing, unwavering, indescribable love for us. I think about the love I have for my Lord and my husband, and I try to imagine that multiplied to the millionth power! And STILL, His love is so much greater! How comforting it is to know that I am His…and He is mine. :)

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